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Welcome to the Rymor Publishing Group
Welcome to the Rymor Publishing Group LLC
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The Rymor Publishing Group manages the publishing and distribution of non-fiction titles. We work with a diverse range of authors and, in some cases, other smaller publishers, to bring specialized titles to market. We produce titles that are intended to serve the consumer market as well as select commercial markets. Depending upon the demographics and psychographics established for each title, we will execute distribution strategies that are appropriate for each title.

We do not take a cookie cutter / "one-size-fits-all" approach to distribution. While there are certain "best practices", with relation to distribution, that are generally applicable to the majority of titles, we evaluate each title on a case-by-case basis, to determine the most sensible strategy.

We are also open to working closely with each author, to establish mutually agreeable production and distribution strategies. We view the relationships that we have with our authors as partnerships. This unique approach in our industry ensures that all parties are "on the same page", when it comes to the direction of each project. While our industry experience has allowed us to develop effective strategies, we are always open to hearing fresh perspectives and ideas. We view the authors, with whom we work, as valuable individuals who have key insights. While many publishing firms only view authors as sources of content, we view each author as having a highly important perspective on their work. We believe that this philosophy of cooperation and communication, with each author, is one of our greatest strengths.

While it would be convenient and far easier to succinctly detail our services, for all of our titles, in a few paragraphs, our approach is far too dynamic and diverse for each project. Perhaps the best way to sum up our overall approach is to simply say that we tailor the most sensible strategy for each individual title. Additionally, we are flexible enough to understand that one must regularly "adjust their sails", as the winds change. Specifically, as technology evolves and presents more efficient and more effective solutions, we openly embrace these new services and innovations. At the same time, however, we understand that new innovations do not negate the effectiveness of methods and strategies that have stood the test of time.

To learn more about our services and our company, we invite you to contact us at

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